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DoPro Sportswear: Your League Fundraising Store

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DoPro Sportswear: Your League Fundraising Store

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Our Mission

At DoPro Sportswear, our #1 priority is putting money back into local communities throughout the country. We accomplish this mission in two ways: Donations to Youth Sports Leagues and Our Wholesale Program.


Youth Sports Donation Program

We are passionately committed to providing a solid fundraising and donation platform for youth sports leagues by offering high-quality apparel at competitive prices. We silkscreen your league’s logo on the apparel, stock it for sale to your participants year round, and donate 27% of the price back to your league or club. Shipping is FREE. There is absolutely no cost to or investment from your league! Learn more.


Wholesale Purchasing

Our passion for providing value continues with our wholesale purchasing program for individuals, teams, and other youth organizations. We offer relaxed, dry-fit jerseys that feature a flat, interlocking stitch to avoid chafing. By offering free shipping and wholesale pricing, you save significantly on every product, which translates into more money staying in your community. Shop now.