DoPro Sportswear was founded in 2016 in Seattle. Our focus is to provide value to parents and youth organizations with high-quality apparel at wholesale prices. DoPro takes pride in helping to keep money in the community to promote youth activities and participation by kids.

Currently, we offer a high-quality, long-sleeved, microfiber-polyester, relaxed, dry-fit shirt that provides a layer of warmth and comfort while maintaining durability. The material is soft and durable, and, unlike some inexpensive garments, our shirts feature a flat, interlocking stitch to avoid chafing. Our garment is moisture-wicking, so it draws sweat away from the skin and provides optimal ventilation to keep the athlete dry.

We offer children’s sizes ranging from XS to XL in black, red, royal blue, navy blue, forest green, and gold. Quality shirts like ours sell for $10 to $20 more than our jerseys. In addition, shipping is always FREE with DoPro Sportswear. Start shopping.

We also offer bulk discounts:

Typical Customer Quantity of Shirts Price
Individuals 1–9 shirts $11.50 apiece; ship to multiple addresses
Teams 10–35 shirts $10 apiece; in one shipment to a single address
Leagues 36 or more shirts Contact us for volume discount