Donation Program

At DoPro Sportswear, we simplify and streamline fundraising for youth sports and eliminate the headaches of administering traditional methods for raising revenue. No candy sales. No bookkeeping and collection of money. No pressure on parents nor athletes to sell at the office or to friends, family, or neighbors.

Youth sports leagues partner with DoPro to offer high-quality, relaxed, dry-fit athletic shirts in vibrant colors and custom-designed with the league’s logo. Each league includes a link on its website, directing parents to purchase the desired sizes and quantities of shirts. Garments are delivered by U.S. Postal Service within 3–5 days, and SHIPPING IS FREE. Total cost to customers is $18.75 per shirt. For every unit purchased, DoPro Sportswear donates $5 to the league.

Our program requires no investment or out-of-pocket costs to your league. We silkscreen the shirts, stock the inventory, ship the product, and provide your league with a $5 donation for each shirt sold. It’s just that simple.

Transparency and accountability are two hallmark features of our program. League officials are given access to their “League Fundraising Store” on and are able to regularly monitor sales and donations. DoPro Sportswear makes each league’s donations by the 20th of every month for the prior month’s total purchases.

About Our Apparel

Our high-quality, long-sleeved, microfiber-polyester training shirts provides a layer of warmth and comfort while maintaining durability. The material is soft and durable, and, unlike some inexpensive garments, our shirts feature a flat, interlocking stitch to avoid chafing. Our garment is moisture-wicking, so it draws sweat away from the skin and provides optimal ventilation to keep the athlete dry.

We offer children’s sizes ranging from XS to XL. Our current shirt color offerings are black, red, royal blue, navy blue, forest green, and gold. We provide a one-color silkscreen logo of the league.

About Us

Founded in 2016, DoPro Sportswear is a youth sports fundraising solution based in Seattle. Our mission at DoPro is to return value back to parents with high-quality products at competitive prices while providing a solid fundraising opportunity. DoPro takes pride in putting money back into the community to promote youth sports and participation by kids, and we are honored to work in partnership with youth leagues.

We firmly believe that youth sports participation develops character, promotes team-building, and develops healthy lifestyles for our children. At DoPro, we recognize there is an opportunity in the apparel industry to give back to the organizations helping to build these skills while providing parents with a reliable product. For more information or to sign up your league, please
contact us.